Friends Don’t Let Friends Buy Fake Oils

Recently, I went to Target to let my girls pick out a couple fun items for themselves from the dollar spot. Much to my chagrin, this was one of their options. Peppermint Essential oil. For one dollar. One.
face peppermint

I cringed as I turned it over a read the back label. First ingredient labeled as “Mineral Oil”… basically a form of Petroleum. The warning label is excruciating and the sad thing is, many people will purchase this oil and use it, not knowing the harm they may be causing to their body.

Quality essential oils, will cost more than a dollar.

And they will be worth every penny!




The founder of Young Living Essential Oils, D. Gary Young, passed away recently. Its been hard on Young Living as a whole, but most definitely his family and close friends. I never had the privilege of meeting Gary face to face, but I did hear him speak in person a few years ago. What I know is this: Gary had a heart for people. He was not selfish in the least. He built a billion dollar company and was one of the humblest people I have ever come across.

I am grateful for this man. I am grateful for his legacy. I am grateful that he never gave up. That he worked harder than any man could, and gave us access to hundreds of chemical free, toxin free, plant-based, safe, effective products and essential oils. I am grateful for the paycheck that Young Living affords me every month. I am grateful for the community of friends that I have developed and held on to as a result of Young Living. I am grateful for my health and the wellness of my family because of Young Livings products and the lifestyle it promotes.

Thank you, D. Gary Young. You are gone from this earth, but your legacy lives on.

I am grateful.