Raindrop Technique

What is Raindrop?

Raindrop is a powerful therapy that utilizes Vitaflex technique on the feet, effleurage massage (light touch, feather-stroking) on the back and neck, therapeutic grade essential oils (Young Living only), and heat therapy. Essential oils are applied to the back, about 6 inches from the body in rain-like drops, thus acquiring the name “Raindrop”.  According to most holistic practitioners, illness and toxins can lie dormant in the spine. When exposed to stress, lowered immune system, etc., these illnesses and toxins can flare, causing misalignment, emotional imbalance, energy loss, and sickness. Consistent Raindrop sessions can greatly reduce these flares and can aid in overall health and wellness. Many have seen great healing with this powerful technique.


What Can Raindrop Do For Me?

  • Reduces stress and relieves tension
  • Improves immune function
  • Facilitates the release of negative energy and emotions
  • Restores energy
  • Relaxing and comforting
  • Promotes balance and circulation
  • Realigns your energy center
  • Promotes overall health and vitality
  • May reduce pain and inflammation
  • May reduce swelling
  • May help to eliminate viruses
  • May cause healthy elongation of the spine

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How Long Does a Raindrop Session Last?

A Raindrop session is about 50-60 minutes.

What is an Emotional Release Raindrop?

We all have emotional challenges in some form or another in our lives. These challenges can occur after a major event like a miscarriage, death of a loved one, verbal abuse, rape, or other trauma. However, emotions can also build up over time and become a bigger problem. We tend to bury these hurts deep within the layers of our soul. This can often leave behind emotions such as anger, frustration, guilt, grief, regret and pain that we tend to hide from others. Yet, these emotions keep us from living a life of full wellness and potential.

An Emotional Release Raindrop session is used to help release these trapped emotions from our soul as well as our physical body. This technique is performed in the same way as a traditional Raindrop, but different oil blends are used. These are oil blends that can facilitate powerful emotional release and cleansing. This is not a one time treatment. Often, emotional concerns have been building for years and it may take many sessions to peel back the deep layers of hurt. The body will only release what the client allows.

(Because of the cost of the oils used during this session, the Emotional Release Raindrop does cost more than a traditional Raindrop session).

Can Raindrop Technique be Performed on Children?

Yes, Raindrop can be done on children. Carrier oil is applied first before any oils are used. Also, fewer drops of the Raindrop oils are used. It is also preferred that the child has previously been exposed to essential oils.

How Much Does the Average Raindrop Cost?

Raindrop prices vary among LMTs and CRTSs. Raindrops can be between $85 and $125.

Why Does Raindrop Cost More than a Normal Massage?

Raindrop costs more than a normal massage for multiple reasons. We use about 90-100 drops of essential oils, plus V-6 massage oil and Ortho Ease massage oil. Also, this technique is more than just a massage. Raindrop is a holistic essential oil treatment that uses multiple modalities to improve all areas of health and wellness.

Do I Need to Tip After a Raindrop Session?

While tips are always appreciated, they are not expected.


What is a Certified Raindrop Technique Specialist (CRTS)?

A CRTS is someone who has completed 72 credit hours of hands-on training and classroom study through CARE (Center for Aromatherapy and Education) and has successfully passed their certification exam. Certification is granted through the Natural Therapies Board.

What Essential Oils are Used in Raindrop?

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Valor (or another balancing oil/blend)
Aroma Siez